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Email Exporter

Extract all email addresses and phone numbers in a web page. Simple and easy web page extractor

Simply click the extension icon to automatically extract all email addresses and phone numbers displayed on the current web page. Email Exporter can be configured to look in the html or the text for matching data.

* Extract all email addresses in a page.
* Extract all phone numbers in a page.
* Export results to a text file.
* Copy results to clipboard.
* Append captured data across pages and tabs.
* Search through HTML or text of the page for contacts.
* Add custom regular expressions to capture data.
* Save results to a file or post them to a URL with authentication.
* Quick and easy extractor!

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Powerful Email and Phone Collection


Automatically collect phone numbers and emails while viewing pages.

Append Captured Data

Append all phone numbers and emails collected into the same list

Collect from HTML or Text

Collect content from visible text or HTML of the web page

Export to Text or Clipboard

Export results as a text file or copy to your clipboard. Import into spreadsheets, Google Drive, and more.

Larger Lists

Build even larger lists with additional storage for saving

Our happy clients say

James Peterson

James Peterson

Marketing Director | Peterson Digital Media

“Using Facebook Friends Extractor has revolutionized our targeting strategy. The precise data extraction allowed us to create highly personalized ad campaigns, resulting in a 50% increase in our conversion rates”

Samantha Lee

Samantha Lee

Social Media Manager | Lee's Apparel Inc

This tool's ability to gather detailed audience insights has been a game changer for our Facebook marketing. It's user-friendly and incredibly efficient

Michael Smith

Michael Smith

CEO | SmithTech Solutions

Facebook Friends Extractor helped us understand our audience better. The data accuracy and export features are top-notch, leading to a significant boost in our campaign ROI

Angela Rodriguez

Angela Rodriguez

Digital Strategist | Rodriguez & Co

As a digital strategist, data is key. This tool provided us with rich, actionable insights, enhancing our digital marketing effectiveness

David Chen

David Chen

Marketing Analyst | Innovative Solutions

The depth of data provided by Facebook Friends Extractor is unparalleled. It has been instrumental in refining our audience segmentation and personalization strategies

Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson

Head of Marketing | Johnson Luxury Goods

“This tool has streamlined our data collection process, enabling us to create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns. The results have been remarkable in terms of engagement and sales.”

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