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Facebook Group Extractor

Extract members data from any Facebook Groups to CSV file

The extension allows you to extract all members data from any groups: Closed/private/Public into CSV, XLS, or JSON files

The detailed extracted member information includes: Profile, Name, Phone, Email, Gender, DOB (Date of Birth), Location, and many other details

Building custom FB Audience Facebook Ads campaigns.
Additionally, you can conduct multi-channel marketing campaigns based on extracted data, including email and phone.
The marketing channels that can utilize the exported data include Facebook, Google, Tiktok, Email Marketing, SMS/MMS Marketing, WhatsApp, Viber ….

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Our happy clients say

Angela Rodriguez

Angela Rodriguez

Digital Strategist | Rodriguez & Co

With Group Extractor, I can now export a significant portion of both public and private Facebook groups, greatly assisting me in lead generation for the sales department

David Chen

David Chen

Marketing Analyst | Innovative Solutions

Among all the extensions, I use Group Extractor the most because it's truly an incredibly effective tool

Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson

Head of Marketing | Johnson Luxury Goods

“I can only describe it as an amazing tool; the data extracted from groups is genuinely effective in my marketing campaigns”

Frequently Asked Questions

Where you can get questions to common questions about Facebook Group Extractor

How many data will I get?

#user_id, #user_name, #phone, #email, #gender, #url, #profile_picture, #bio_text, #friendship_status, #designation, #company, #company_domain, #city, #state, #country, #user_location

How can i install Extension

Installing a Chrome extension is extremely easy within 30 seconds, you can check out the detailed instructions here: https://no1marketing.net/install_extension
or Watching Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhqpJr6Sx2s

How to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your premium subscription at any time, by fill the form https://no1marketing.net/unsubscribe to  CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button.

What can we do with this data?

You can do anything you want.
– You can upload data to Facebook, Google, Tiktok for retarting with Custom Audience feature
– Using Email marketing or many digial marketing channel with phone number via WhatsApp, SMS, Viber…etc

This is a staging environment